Sell business


If you are intending to sell your company or its parts, or you want to get more information about BIZON, please contact with us:

  • filling the application form;
  • sending a message by e-mail to:
  • by phone: +371-67612565;
  • personally at the BIZON office: Marijas str. 20-9, Riga


Each successful collaboration is built on honesty, receptiveness and personal interest. In order to validate and enforce this collaboration, parties conclude an appropriate agreement:

  • an agreement of entrusting the company for sale, including the services, that a seller wants to receive and BIZON undertakes to ensure (both paid services and free of charge services);
  • declaration of confidentiality (a document that ensures the withholding of commercial information concerning third parties respecting Your consent as well as information about potential investors, obtained from BIZON).


You are providing us with all documents and statements that are necessary for the selling of Your company.

4.Evaluation and Determination of Price

The company in common with all products has its own price. The market value not always corresponds with the value of sharecapital, totality of investments or the owners idea of his business value. That is why the evaluation of the deal is important before the announcement of the price.

The evaluation of the company is very painstaking and laborious process, which is implemented by specialists – professionals (auditors and lawyers). Evaluation and the determination of price is made for additional payment. Undoubtedly evaluated company raises much more interest of potencial buyers, furthermore its price can increase.

Companies that are not evaluated in the same way can be offered for sale with a price indicated by seller after the consultation with BIZON specialists.


To sell a company in common with all other products, it is important to inform about it. However, in this situation its target area is very narrow therefore marketing strategies are specific. BIZON provides its customers with free publication on, which is guided on business community. The page periodically promoted in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. Besides, registered potential investors get information about the opportunities of new investments.

There can be provided additional marketing activities to promote the company that is going to be sold, increasing the possibility to find a buyer: columns in thematic magazines and newspapers, promotion in business magazines, participation in data blocks, direct mailing to target area, etc. The seller is also investing his finances in these activities.


Within the confidentiality we are providing with basic information everyone, who is interested in Your company. Our employees are interviewing selected buyers to provide them with additional information.


Our specialists present Your company to potential buyers, discussing various details emphasizing on profits of the business. Financial and economic results and perspectives are reviewed. The name and address of the company is not mentioned.


After receiving the guarantee from buyer, BIZON organizes meeting of the seller and potential buyer of business. Potential buyer visits the company. The meeting can be arranged in the company or in order to maintain confidentiality respecting its employees and customers – in some neutral area. Potential buyer has his rights to interrogate the seller concerning all uncertain economic questions.


The one of the most complicated stages is gaining consensus concerning bilaterally acceptable terms of the deal. Usually negotiations about buying a company does not end with agreeing on the price. Very important factor is the form of takeover – buying the parts of company (all parts at once or separately), buying of company completely with the exception of legal form, or buying only the assets. Important factor also is maintenance of employees, various agreements and relations. That is the reason why such negotiating becomes essential premise of successful result and reduction of misunderstandings. BIZON is specialised in negotiating on selling.

10.The Deal

If the result on negotiations is positive, during the process of negotiations advance agreement is concluded, where there are all legal and technical regulations of transferring and accepting the business. Then there is concluded an agreement of credit with bank or an agreement with BIZON of effecting the payment through third party in order to guarantee the payment to seller and accordance of previously provided information on company.


After the credit is get, the buyer together with seller audits the company in order to ascertain that all agreed positions coincide with reality.

12.Transfer of the Ownership

Parties are meeting for signing up the final documents of the process of buying. All documents are registered in appropriate state institutions. The seller gets the payment that is provided in agreement. Within the period of time that is provided in the advance agreement the seller introduces buyer with the daily routine of the company. … and is having his holidays in some Oceania islands!…

Here is some conception about the service prices:

Consultations concerning the implementation of the selling of company. Introducing with company, its conditions and state in the market field. Setting of the price in advance. Processing and placing of the announcement in the homepage Selection of potentially interested persons, processing of documents and presentation. Negotiations with potential buyers. Processing of all documents that are necessary for implementation of the process of selling. Processing and submission of documents in order to reregister them in the Commercial Register.

5%-10% of the price of the business.

Complete evaluation of the company:

  • Auditing financial and economic activity;
  • Audit of assets in order to marshal the accounts as well as to establish the liquidation and market value of the property;
  • Market analysis;
  • Evaluation of the business by 3 methods and establishing of the value;

Presentation of the report concerning the market value of the company.

The price depends on the size and field of the evaluated company