Water extraction and production company

ID 364

Selling price

180 000


Vidzeme, Baldone


Food and beverage

Business type

Water extraction and production company

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Part of business (75%)

Total views:


Water extraction and production company in the development stage. The company owns land with previous research and measurements, 130 meters deep drilling for water abstraction, lightweight building, equipment for automatic water bottling and labeling. It developed its own brand, which focuses on high (mineral water) quality drinking water.

The property is located 30 km from Riga. On 7900 sqm of land located in the catchment complex with permitted capacity of 89 m3 / day. Compact production hangar of 130 sqm with a full production cycle – water treatment plants, topping gas, semi-automatic bottling line, label gluing machine and packing.

The company has the necessary investment in warehouse construction, marketing.

Selling 25-100% of shares. The price is for 75% of the property and business acquisitions.

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