Shopping Center in Aizkraukle

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Gaismas iela 20a, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles pilsēta, Latvia


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Shopping Center in Aizkraukle

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Shopping Center in Aizkraukle with cash flow for sale. In 2003, a 4-storey 2209 sqm large shopping center was built in the center of Aizkraukle. The building is in perfect condition with its own gas boiler, city water pipe and sewerage, modern LED lighting in all rooms, tiled floors. The building does not require any additional investment. The 1692 sqm of land under the building is also owned and completely paved with cobblestone.
The building is suitable for commercial and office space, as well as for sports and leisure purposes. The first and fourth floors are now fully leased. The second and third floors were designed for the sports club and children’s entertainment center, but can also be rented for other purposes.

Finance. Currently rented space on the first and fourth floor (€ 1150 + € 250 + € 250) x 12 months = € 19,800 / year + VAT + utilities + property tax + management. The total cost of the building is low per month and does not exceed € 1000, borne by the tenants. The potential of the building is 640 + 640 + 640 + 250 = 2170 sqm, albeit at 3 euros sqm = 6510 euros x 12 months = 78,000 euros, which would provide at least 75,000 euros a year. What a 30% return, or a 3-4 year return on investment! Similar premises in Aizkraukle are rented for 4-5 euro sqm.

Good investment in a stable cash flow facility!

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Gaismas iela 20a, Aizkraukle, Aizkraukles pilsēta, Latvia