Themed cafe

ID 362

Selling price

24 000


Riga, Pardaugava


Restaurants, pubs and clubs

Business type

Themed cafe

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnaround

120 000 EUR

Total views:


Small themed cafe founded in 2014. The cafe is located in a strategically convenient location, its interior has been designed in collaboration with designers and artists to create an unparalleled atmosphere. Cafe offers a full range of restaurant-quality service provider.

There is a social networking site that has a large number of followers, which provides a steady customers stream. Cafe also offers banquet service. The company owns all the necessary equipment.
The company is socially active and participate in various activities.

Room rental only € 600, utilities 500-600 euros. Rent for 4 years. Currently, 10 employees work in shifts at the café. The monthly turnover of 8000-13000 Euros.

Excellent business, which brings joy to both customers and owners!

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