Steel Structures Plant

ID 2251

Selling price

2 700 000





Business type

Steel Structures Plant

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital

2 800 EUR

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnover

3 000 000 EUR

Last year's profit

400 000 EUR

Total views:


Business for sale – high-quality, high value-added building constructions plant and related to it real estate – a building and land.

The core activity of the company is the production of various load-bearing steel structures for warehouses, hangars, shopping centers, industrial buildings, and other industrial objects, as well as manufacturing of insert parts and stainless steel products.

Newly started product lines include production of various custom-made prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, such as columns, socle panels, ladders, platforms for use in dwelling, public or engineering buildings. In addition company produces Terrazzo concrete products.

The company’s competitive edge is ability to make non-standard, custom-made structures with small lot sizes and even in one unique piece.

The company is able to flexibly adapt to the needs of its customers and ensure high product quality. It is operating with success and stability in the niche between larger big lot-sizes producers who do not to deal with relatively small size orders and, to the other hand, small producers who are not capable of dealing medium-size orders of 250 tons as an example. The production capacity of the plant is up to 320 tons per month.

The company has partners in the construction industry providing regular orders both in Latvia and Scandinavia. Part of the production remains in Latvia, part is exported to Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. It also shows the company’s ability to provide high quality and competitive price. Examples of implemented projects for total of 890 thousand EUR in Estonia, for 380 thousand EUR in Iceland and 1.3 million in Finland/Sweden.

The factory operates for 5 years, while its management and key employees have 10 and even more than 30 years of experience in this industry.

The factory employs a total of 40 employees including 8 in mangement. The small organization and management team are able to adopt production and work procedures very flexibly to the different and specific orders. This makes them very competitive. If needed to deal with peak work-load, working even in 3 shifts is done.

The factory building has a total area of 6000 m2. The office has 300 m2, dressing rooms and other auxiliary rooms occupy 200m2, the rest is allocated for production. The land area connected to the building has 9 000 m2.

The plant is located in one of the industrial parts of the town and employees can commute to it easily using public transport.

It will be possible (if the new owner will need it) to expand the plant territory by acquiring or leasing land, about 4 hectares, and buildings, about 2000 m2, adjacent to it.

The 2 large hangars of production are 80 m long and with 10 m high ceilings, allowing for long, large-scale structures up to 27 m of length and 5 m of width. At the same time, the plant can also produce small parts measuring in centimeters. The wide range of production sizes provides great advantages for the execution of various custom-made orders.

The factory is equipped with full-cycle production equipment including plasma cutter (12m), saws, welding machines, surface blasting, coating and painting equipment, taps lines with lifting capacity of 5-10 t, mold making and other necessary equipment.

The company has Certificate of Conformity of the factory production control according to LVS EN 1090-2 and 1090-1 with performance class EXC3 and welding certificate according to LVS EN 1090-2 with performance class EXC3. 

Turnover of the company has grown year by year and reached 3.2 million EUR in 2017, the profit amounted to 400 thousand EUR.

The company is located in Jelgava distinguished by its manufacturing traditions and the ability to employ industry specialists.

The company plans to further develop both steel structures and custom-made precast concrete structures manufacturing, as well as the business of stainless metal products and insert parts.

A profitable and growth-oriented company with outstanding prospects for the future! It can continue to operate on its own, and it can be successfully integrated into another company from the building and construction and building structures manufacturing industries!

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