Sports club in Riga

ID 3175

Selling price

180 000


Entertainment and leisure

Business type

Sports club in Riga

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnover

260 000 EUR

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Large sports (fitness) club in Riga for sale. The premises are rented, with an area of almost 1200 sqm, equipped with a high-class professional gym equipment complex, halls for group and individual training, locker rooms and showers, as well as a spa relaxation area with saunas, a jacuzzi, a bar and professional tanning salons. The sports club has a full staff – from administrators, private and group trainers to janitors. Very professional and thoughtful infrastructure with one of the best equipment in Riga.
The sports club is well established, serving an average of 600-700 abonents per month. The company has cooperation agreements with all major insurance companies.
The owners have invested heavily in the creation and arrangement of a sports club, and the club was able to repay a loan of 500,000 euros for 10 years by the club.

The company purchased all equipment (fitness equipment, sunbeds, saunas, furniture, etc.) 10 years ago for € 370,000 except tax. The equipment is very well maintained and all seats are upholstered for comfortable use. Undoubtedly, the equipment has some wear and tear, but technically it does a great job of serving all its functions.

The sports club is in a very good location, close to the center, with a convenient entrance and ample parking. A lease agreement for another 7 years with the right of long-term extension.

The club’s earnings varies depending on the time of year, but the average monthly earning is about 22,000 euros. Costs (rental of premises, utilities (water, electricity, heat), staff, marketing and other expenses) are also variable, but on average they are about 16,000 euros per month. The difference is about 6,000 euros per month.

The sports club’s rules are very loyal to customers and the price level is very democratic compared to the wide range of facilities available in both sports and relaxation.

Great business, which is being sold due to a change of residence of the owners.

We recommend it!

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