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Special rabbit farm for meat production is for sale. Rabbit farm is complete with Italian equipment and specialized ventilation systems, that provides automated rabbit maintenance (feeding, heat treatment, cage cleaning) according to the International Criteria. The farm Provides a full technological cycle i.e from insemination, breeding, slaughter and packing production, logistics. The farm is located 50 km from Riga, which is very good from the logistical point of view.

Farmers holding owns a 3.2-hectare plot of land with two buildings each of 900 sq.m. First is fully equipped for the rabbit farm – cages, freezers, slaughtering station and the other building is a stage of development in order to give the Rural Support Service and co-financing the create a second identical farm.

The farm is grown an average of 15 000 rabbits per year and this trend is growing. Rabbit mothers have an average of 7-8 litter a year and each litter is from 17 to 20 rabbits.

Rabbit meat production is realized in the largest supermarket chains, as well as deliveries restaurants. Business with a requested and healthy products!

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