SPA centre

ID 486

Selling price

12 000


Riga Old Town


Hair and beauty

Business type

SPA centre

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital

2 000 EUR

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Total views:


The SPA Centre has been operating for several years already.
The SPA Centre is based in the Old Riga, on a very active location popular among tourists, on the ground floor.
Premises over 87 sqm of floor space are occupied by the company. The lease agreement is concluded for 8 years, and the lease price is LVL 1650 (incl.VAT) including charge for public utilities, e.g. EUR 20 per sqm.
The premises are in a good technical condition, fully renovated, new sewerage, water-pipe, electric power and music record-player installations; the saloon is decorated on a common-style basis, a special accent is laid on the interior.
Besides the owners, about 10 specialists are employed in the Centre. The staff of the saloon is a team of professionals.
In the saloon, there are furnished and fully equipped 7 consulting-rooms, a lounge for the staff, a waiting room for the clients, and a lavatory.
The business is on offer together with the limited liability company.

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