Scaffold rental business

ID 1889

Selling price

245 000




Building and construction

Business type

Scaffold rental business

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnover

200 000 EUR

Last year's profit

50 000 EUR

Total views:


Sell a business – Construction technic renting company specializing in the sale of construction scaffold (facade repairs) and aluminum towers, leasing and assembling. The company owns scaffold structures of approximately 16,500 square meters. There are all the necessary certificates and skills for the reparing of buildings. The company has also started providing services in Sweden.

The construction technic lease company has large investments in fixed assets (scaffold, towers, poles, sieves, as well as cars), approximately 380 000 euros. In order to buy fixed assets, the bank has issued loans amounting to approximately 135,000 euros. The company is sold for a asset price without a loan obligation. Or, the loan may be left to the buyer by taking over the guarantee and, accordingly, reducing the purchase price, which would be 245,000 euros.

Stable growing long-term business!

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