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Greenhouse manufacturing company

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Greenhouse manufacturing company

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Greenhouse manufacturing company engaged in wood processing, metal working and manufacturing diferent-scale of greenhouses, from small garden greenhouses to standardized horticultural greenhouses up to 25 meters wide.

The company produces both wooden frames and metal frames, processes with film, glass or plastic, with ordinary and double walls. Hothouses can be equipped with full automatic equipment for both spraying and heating and ventilation systems using the most advanced technologies. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the industry! There is a building certificate.

The company owns 2 production halls – 1600 sqm (25m x 64m) and 400 square meters, an office building and a land of 3 hectares. Wood processing equipment, small metal processing equipment, machinery and samples. Some of the areas are asphalted, but one part of the territory is unused land, which can either be separated from the detached houses or develop production by constructing production or warehouse buildings.

The company is located only 25 km from Riga, in the direction of Ogre, in the city territory.

The company’s 2016 turnover was 450,000 euros and profit of 25,000 euros. The company also cooperates with Scandinavian industry partners.

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