Milk processing company

ID 2656

Selling price

600 000


Tukuma novads, Latvia


Food and beverage

Business type

Milk processing company

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital

150 000 EUR

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

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For sale fully equipped and working milk processing company in Tukums municipality, 50 km from Riga. The price includes real estate and production facilities for milk processing and production of various products. In 2009-2012, the plant underwent reconstruction and replacement of equipment in accordance with modern requirements. Fresh and matured cheeses, yoghurts, milk, kefir, cream other dairy products are produced here.

The plant is not large (up to 5 tonnes per hour), which can successfully specialize in the production of niche products. Everything is to make this plant a profitable food industry company. Previously, the company’s turnover was 1.4-1.6 million euros. The company is currently working on small orders due to lack of current assets.

The selling price is similar to the valuation of fixed assets.

The total area of the building is 1673 m2 (Dairy, Garage, Warehouse, Pumping Station)
The land area is 4250 m2;
First floor ceiling height is 3.50 meters, production and storage rooms, 3 freezers. Premises have antiseptic finish, specially designed for storing food items or medicines;
Second floor ceiling height is 2.8 meters, production and storage rooms, changing rooms, facilities, showers, utility rooms, office space, kitchen.

The processing plant includes: milk reception, pasteurisation equipment, separator, homogenization of milk, automatic control unit, as well as a number of other equipment needed for work.

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Tukuma novads, Latvia