Mobile biological treatment plant

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1 500 000


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Mobile biological treatment plant

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Certified mobile biological treatment plant manufacturing companies with patents in Latvia and documentation issued by the International Patent Board and European Certification Institutions are offered.

Mechanical pre-treatment with various types of mechanical filters and specially created technology capable of separating various types of production wastewater from fats, oils, solids, heat treatment burns, phenol and other chemical impurities. After the mechanical pre-treatment process, the intensity of wastewater pollution is close to that of domestic wastewater and therefore can be further discharged into biological treatment plants or the central sewage system without adverse effects on the subsequent treatment process.

The company produces equipment that does not require foundations and the process from ordering to product delivery is on average 2x faster than traditional construction. The device and its technology have been tested and verified for several years in various production plants.

A laboratory analysis certified by LVĢMC and the Lithuanian company “Klaipėdos vanduo” has been carried out, as a result of which a certificate has been obtained.

The purpose of the sale of the company is the desire of the owners to focus on a different type of business.

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