Woodworking factory

ID 1348

Selling price

400 000


Forestry and woodworking

Business type

Woodworking factory

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnover

1 000 000 EUR

Last year's profit

50 000 EUR

Total views:


Woodworking company in Kurzeme, producing solid wood furniture billet for export. Very well-equipped production, with complete wood processing cycle from round timber sawing, drying, gluing, to ready profiled furniture billet and other products blanks. Absolutely all the products are exported to Scandinavia, Italy, Germany and other countries.

The company is very well arranged, employing 35-40 people per shift. During the month, it is produced around 120 cubic meters of finished products from the processing and use of 100% of the logs. Customers are constantly long-term.

The company’s fixed assets (production facilities) book value is around 350,000 euros.

The company is profitable. Good investment in wood processing industry!

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