Sushi delivery

ID 1836

Selling price

20 000




Restaurants, pubs and clubs

Business type

Sushi delivery

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital


Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnover

233 000 EUR

Last year's profit

36 000 EUR

Total views:


Business for Sale – profitable Sushi delivery company.

It is a very attractive offer, since payback period is less than 1 year!

The company has reached a stable position in its niche regardless that there are companies bigger in size and there is competition in this market. Turnover is stable and makes on average 17 000 EUR per month and profit is on average 3 000 EUR per month. 

Customers mostly make orders in their home page on-line. The company is activey working with customers in Facebook where there are many thousands followers and they leave good feedback. One can find home page also in Google resources. The company has worked out procedures for order intake. Own cooks and operators work with customer orders and make sure timely delivery to homes or offices.

There is fully set kitchen for storing food and making meals as well as there is cafe part where customers can pick up the meals themselves or enjoy it on the spot in the centre of Riga.

There is possibility to develop the company further using existing model and customers. It is possible to add other food on offer, e.g. hamburgers and picca. It is also possible to add traffic through Google resources. In case it becomes needed, there is possibility to add premises at the place.

Do not miss it!

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