On-line transfer reservation system

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Hotels and tourist industry

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On-line transfer reservation system

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Limited Liability Company

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Full business (100%)

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International on-line transfer reservation system, established in 2010 and provides customers from all over the world to book transfers in Europe. The company cooperates with 160 transport companies in Europe, providing an extensive transportation network from all the major airports of 12,000 routes.

Popular routes are linked to ski resorts in Italy, Switzerland, France, Austria. 60% of all orders coming from Russia, Ukraine, 30% are from European countries, but 10% are from Asia, USA, Africa. The Latvian order is below 1%. 2013 had a turnover of 85,000 eur. average profit 20%. (2012.- 65,000 eur, 2011.- 50,000 eur)

System serving one man, who follows orders approval, serves email requests, and provides outsourced marketing work (external SEO). The total European transfer market is ~ 800 million euro. The largest system of its kind annual turnover of about 35-40 million euro.

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