Warehouse complex in Riga

ID 2509

Selling price

2 000 000




Carriage, storage and delivery

Business type

Warehouse complex in Riga

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

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Warehouse complex in Riga is being sold. The company owns more than 13,500 sqm of land and around 11,500 sqm of buildings (mainly storage facilities, including offices and others spaces). The company provides with high profitability storage, loading and unloading, premises rental services. The warehouse is located in a geographically very convenient place – convenient transport logistics in Riga, as well as the railway branch directly to the warehouse.

The company is very profitable! Revenues are stable between 700,000 and 750,000 euros. Profit (EBITDA) is € 230,000, which provides an investment return of around 11% per annum. The premises are highly demanded, therefore the load is within 85%.

The company has long-term credit obligations that can be taken over by reducing the purchase price accordingly.

The company has professional and well-motivated management, which ensures successful and stable business management and control. The investor does not need to engage in operation activity himself.

A stable yield from real estate buying is 10.5-11% per year!

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