Fashion store

ID 2376

Selling price

55 000


Riga, Central District, Riga, Latvia


Clothing and fashion

Business type

Fashion store

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnover

120 000 EUR

Total views:


For sale fashion store – women’s clothing, bags, accessories. The store is 100 sqm. It features seasonal collections that are taken from several companies and individual designer, making the shop colorful, every once in a while different and very popular among the residents and turists.
The store has gained a very good reputation among customers and suppliers over the last eight years, helping to attract more and more young fashion designers to the convenience of the store.
The store has a manager and 2 salesmen. Rental costs are 1200 euros. The company’s revenues in the month are around 10,000 euros. Unfortunately, the company has a debt that would reduce the purchase price.
Great life style business!!!

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Riga, Central District, Riga, Latvia