Metallurgical plant

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150 000



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Metallurgical plant

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Full business (100%)

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Metallurgical plant is on sale – metallurgical equipment (EUR 1,500,000) and permission Category B for polluting activities. The company has a standing oven and an oxygen convector for the production of cast iron and steel. The oven works with gas, fuel and coal, which allows to significantly reduce costs, allow to produce with discontinuous cycles, and easily switch from one material to another. The equipment has a capacity of 2 tons / hour, a real 20 tons / shift. The equipment reaches 1700 C degrees. The plant is set up 10 years ago, is in working condition, but is currently not operational. The plant can process batteries, scrap and nickel.

In the list of equipment, the oven and oxygen convector is also equipped with hydraulic press, dual rollers, cryogenic tank, big and small buckets, centralized gas supply and fuel supply and storage systems, etc.

The company recycled batteries, producing nickel and other valuable precious metals. Cast iron and other metal scrap were also processed.

The company stopped operating due to lack of current assets for regular supply of raw materials.

Great price for specialized equipment!

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