Metalworking company

ID 408

Selling price

1 050 000


All Latvia



Business type

Metalworking company

Legal form

Joint Stock Company

Parts being sold

Part of business (48%)

Last year's turnaround

1 500 000 EUR

Total views:


Large and very recognizable company in metalworking. The company is very well equipped with a full metal working cycle (foundry, welding, spot welded, cutting, bending, plating and powder painting). The company owns 55,000 m2 of land and 25,000 m2 of industrial buildings. Production equipment are at least 5 million euros, current assets of approximately 1 million euros. The company produces serial product lines for the local market and for export. In addition, takes orders the manufacture of metal components to order for construction companies and other manufacturers. Attractive company with a very large potential for development!

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