Day care club for children

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15 000



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Day care club for children

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Full business (100%)

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A day care children club for sale. Quality premises arranged for organizing various types of classes, as well as celebrations and other events. The premises are located in the center of Riga, in a quiet and peaceful environment with free parking in its vicinity.

The company has been operating in the existing premises since 2018. During this time, a wide and loyal circle of customers has developed, as well as an active base of followers on social media.

The head of the company has developed a special program that is licensed by state institutions and has gained wide recognition among children and their parents.

Currently, the occupancy rate is about 50% -60%, so there is a wide range of development opportunities. Information about the performed additional service tests, their results and implementation possibilities is also offered.

The company is run by a family that has decided to focus on other projects. The sale of the company is not related to financial problems.

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