Bread Bakery

ID 516

Selling price

19 000




Food and beverage

Business type

Bread Bakery

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital

2 000 EUR

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnaround

55 500 EUR

Last year's profit

10 000 EUR

Total views:


The bread bakery produces specific bread products. There is good demand for these products in the local market. The bakery operates for many years already. Business is for sale due to the shift of business.<br>Company has approved recipes for bread products, stable market channels, identification, drafted packaging. The record keeping and bookkeeping are kept in order. No debts, all needed licences and certificates. The company employs 10 workers. Leased premises for production (100 m2 approx.). Lease payment plus public payments, electricity – a little over 400 LVL per month. Turnover is seasonal in nature – in the summer months 6000 LVL approx., in the winter months 3500 LVL approx.. Profit – 20% in the winter, 25%-30% in the summer. Opportunity to increase capacity of production.
<br><br>Investments will pay off in 2 years.

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