Consulting, project management and mediation company.

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20 000


Business and financial services

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Consulting, project management and mediation company.

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Consulting, project management and mediation company, which is mainly engaged in attracting investors and organizing communications between investors and business owners who have decided to sell their company or project.

The company’s portfolio will include around 30 active companies with a total value of ~15 million EUR and a base of more than 1000 interested parties, contacts and potential investors or cooperation partners;

Value proposition: the potential owner will gain a broad insight into the capital and asset market in Latvia; in the objects for sale, the paradigms and problems of the owners’ thinking, the owner will be able to profit from brokerage commission fees for the sale of objects, the potential owner will get a unique access to the database of objects on sale, which means the opportunity to choose attractive objects for investment and invest funds with a good return, which, taking into account current inflation in Latvia, is an important argument, a 56 sq m office, which can also be used for other, parallel business activities.

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