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25 000


Rīga, Latvia


Health, medical services and pharmacology

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Private clinic

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Limited Liability Company

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Full business (100%)

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Modern private clinic for the whole family for sale! The clinic is an outpatient medical institution, which employs highly qualified specialists of various profiles. At this clinic, people can receive consultations from various specialists, as well as manipulations. The clinic employs strong specialists (traumatologists, surgeons, orthopedists and vertebrologists, neurologists, rheumatologists and other specialists). Various manipulations and infusion therapies are also performed on site. The doctors of the clinic are the operating doctors themselves, who provide postoperative consultations and therapies, and provide patients with all the necessary information about the further course of treatment.

The clinic is located in the Riga city center with convenient car access, as well as parking nearby. Clinic premises are rented. The 240 sqm clinic has undergone very tasteful and modern renovations, bright and cozy rooms with offices, manipulation and therapy rooms. The premises fully comply with the status of a medical institution and the environment is accessible to persons with functional disorders!

The monthly income of the clinic is about 12,000 euros. About half of this amount goes to salary professionals. Covering the lease, administration and other costs of the premises, the company’s profit per month is around 2-3,000 euros. During COVID-19, visits were limited and revenues were halved, resulting in losses.

The industry is promising and very profitable. There are all opportunities to significantly increase the turnover and create this clinic with specialization as one of the leading in Latvia!

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Rīga, Latvia