Interior design studio

ID 470

Selling price

11 900




Building and construction

Business type

Interior design studio

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital

2 000 EUR

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnaround

72 300 EUR

Last year's profit

14 600 EUR

Total views:


Well established interior design studio, which provide service in privet and public premises’ interior design developing. The company can offer full interior design, starting from the sketch till the design specialist supervision and design items selection. In the company work six professional designers. The interior design studio have been cooperated with architecture and builder companies, and from each contract the company gets commission fees. This year the company tender furniture production  based on interior design projects. Beside the interior design company sell privet house projects and provide whole project to the distribution. Recently the company  have been established small mobile house sale. The company is successful, because of its work in marketable field, four established web-sites in Latvia and Russia, recognizable logo, well organized marketing process, and huge collection with design projects and good references. The company have great amount of actual debtors sum, which could cover all company’s purchases. The builder companies would be interested in this company, because it would bring them great numbers of client’s flow. 

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