On-line digital contracts and signature system

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15 000


Rīga, Latvia


Communication technology and internet related

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On-line digital contracts and signature system

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

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Full business (100%)

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A unique and innovative on-line digital contracts and signature system is on sale.

The system is a response to the growing demands of the modern world to quickly and easily deal with various work processes, in this case with preparing and signing contracts.

Contracts can be created and signed on-line in the system with secure digital signature e-Paraksts. It is also made for easy use with mobile phones.

The system is very beneficial for companies that need to prepare contracts and sign them remotely and be sure that the contracts are in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and include all the latest changes. For example, an employment contract can be made by the manager and sent to an employee remotely for signing. The employee can review and sign it remotely anywhere. Especially it is useful in catering and construction industries and not limited to them.

By automating the making, editing, signing and termination of contracts, companies gain many advantages – save time and money, free themselves from paper format, close contracts faster, avoid expensive and complicated communication with lawyers and can prepare and sign contracts anywhere, so that employment can be started immediately, send automatically contracts to accounting etc.

This system has high potential for the further development of various contracts for private persons (borrowing, purchasing, etc.).

The system provides opportunity to gain competitive advantageedge by offering its customers unseen before service as well as attracting more and more new customers.

The new owner will receive a ready-made system and system design with a wireframe, contacts with a programming company abroad, as well as a business plan that can be further developed and  earnings started right away!

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