Electricity trader

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10 000

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Communication technology and internet related

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Electricity trader

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

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Full business (100%)

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The main business service is the sale of electricity to households and legal entities in the territory of Latvia. On the basis of the Internet platform, with which potential customers can compare their electricity consumption and tariffs, and switch to buying electricity through an alternative trader Latvenergo.

Electricity is bought on the exchange, the company is able to provide cheaper tariffs for its customers. Each month, the number of customers increases significantly, thereby increasing their own financial indicators and volumes of purchases. Since the target audience is households, the increase is balanced and gradual. Sales occur via the Internet, without any direct contact with the client.

Currently, the company has 2 employees. Business has huge potential, because households have not yet begun to seriously consider the possibility of reducing costs when buying electricity from other traders. In addition, this platform will have the opportunity to enter the market of gas supply to households.

Business can work on the basis of this platform, but for rapid development and automation of the process, investment in programming will be required.

Very interesting company with great potential!

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