Production of kvass in Riga

ID 2011

Selling price

30 000

( Price changed )


Riga, Latvia


Food and beverage

Business type

Production of kvass in Riga

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital

72 380 EUR

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Total views:


A plant for the production of kvass in Riga is being sold. Full production with technology and recipe, as well as trade equipment. The total residual value of the equipment is 70,000 euros. At the moment the plant stopped production, but employees and a technologist are still available.

The enterprise owns two fermentation boilers (4500 liters), a boiling pot (4,500 liters) and a syrup maker (2500 liters), various capacities of 50-350 liters, and 2 with 2500 liters tanks. Production management system, filtration, freezers and furniture. In addition, there is a trading equipment – for more than 30 points of sale with trolleys, barrels, etc. Full complex of production and trade of kvass. Kvass did not spread in bottles, but only in barrels and is traded near shopping centers across Latvia.

Until now, the company has produced its own special kvass with an original recipe and specially purchased raw materials from Russia, which no one in Latvia has. The enterprise has raw materials for making kvass immediately.

Business is very profitable. The cost of kvass is 0.20 euro per liter, but the sales price is 1.80 euro per liter.

With existing equipment, you can produce both other beverages and household chemicals. The products are located in the center of Riga, in a rented room, but there is a possibility to move the equipment to any other place where production can be continued.

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