Decoration rental business

ID 3088

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35 000


Entertainment and leisure

Business type

Decoration rental business

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

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For sale excellent décor for rental and decoration services business. On the warehouse there are decorations, various objects, draperies, furniture, inventory on various themes, which allow organizing any event from wedding, Christmas party, a crazy birthday and ending with corporate activities in a wide variety of styles! The owners built up a huge collection of decorations over 9 years – more than 10,000 pieces of decor, about 100,000 euros worth.

The company’s employees help clients choose the themes, to prepare the list of decorations, decorate the place of the event, and later remove all the scenery. The company has both permanent employees, include artist, as well as employees involved only in decorating events.
The company is profitable, despite the continuous addition of decorations.

This is a very creative business for people with inspiration and inventiveness!

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