Car service in Riga

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55 000

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Auto related

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Car service in Riga

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnover

600 000 EUR

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On sale is a car service in the center of Riga! Over 7 years of operation more than 45,000 clients – active car users with all contacts. There are contracts with legal entities about more than 1000 car servicing. A contract with insurance companies allows you to repair crashed cars.

The 560-sqm car service has 7 elevators, diagnostic equipment, welding equipment, painting chamber and other equipment that allows repair of all types of cars. The total equipment value is around 90,000 euros. There is a storage with season tire. The rental fee is 2.99 / EUR – 1m2, totaling 1694 EUR / month. The contract is for an additional 3 years.
There is also a car service controlling program with all customer and financial data – built to effectively improve the time and accuracy. The service area are fully equipped with a mobile video surveillance system and 24-hour security.

The service employs 15 people, of which 12 are directly on car service zone. The remuneration is tied to the amount of work done. The company has very good marketings in attracting customers!

The business is constantly working and profitable. There is no need for the owner to engage in daily business activities.

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