Auto Glass Replacement company

ID 2220

Selling price

49 000


Auto related

Business type

Auto Glass Replacement company

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Last year's turnover

150 000 EUR

Last year's profit

17 000 EUR

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Auto Glass Replacement company on sale. This company on the Latvian market has been known for almost 20 years. The company leases premises for repairs and replacement of all types of windscreens for all types of road transport. Experience in repairing and replacing glasses for cars, trucks, tractors, trolls, buses and even crane towers. The services are also provided in customers repair places, as well as at authorized dealer centers.

The company has entered cooperation agreements with major insurance companies. In the warehouse there are about 1000 most demanded windshields. Other glasses are purchased by order from official dealers.

Business is not big, but with a lot of experience and big customer base!

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