Family medical practice

ID 449

Selling price

15 000


Riga, centre


Health, medical services and pharmacology

Business type

Family medical practice

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital

2 000 EUR

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Total views:


Medical practice of family doctors is located in city center and has been working since 1993. By this time the company has grown apace.
Medical practice is located in 145 m2 of floor space. All rooms have been certified.
The lease contract is open-ended. Rental fee is 2-2.5LVL/m2 + VAT. Lease and maintenance costs are about 600 LVL in the winter and around 400 LVL in summer.

All doctors are highly qualified in their professional field. The company employs 10 to 13 professionals – family doctors, neurologists, ENT, gynecologist, oculist, psychologist, endocrinologist, masseur, etc.
Company has longterm cooperation with insurance companies such as ERGO, BALTA, Gjensedige, BAN, Seesam etc.. 

According to the data of patients – medical practice has 7000 to 10000 customers. 

Business is sold with the Ltd. The company has no debt or credit.

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