Production of finishing materials

ID 410

Selling price

16 100




Building and construction

Business type

Production of finishing materials

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

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A small manufactur of the decorative stone, tiles, slabs and other decorative elements, fireplaces, windowsills, stairs, balustrades and many other products. Business is profitable in the first year and it has huge potential! 
The plant started only in 2013, a lot of resources invested in finding the right technology. After first 5 months provid profitable production process. The company has low fixed costs. Product cost is very low, which gives a sharp increase in sales profits rise! The owners themselves are now involved in the production process, but the development of the business would need to devote more attention to the sales process, recruiting production workers. The current amount is enough for 2 employees.

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