Maternity clothing e-store

ID 447

Selling price

3 500




Clothing and fashion

Business type

Maternity clothing e-store

Legal form

Limited Liability Company

Statutory capital

2 000 EUR

Parts being sold

Full business (100%)

Total views:


The Internet shop, which is specified in specific type of products. The shop target costumers are babies and their mothers. The Internet shop was established 3 years ago. The home page of the Internet shop is easily managing. The owner of the shop can easily change the assortment of products in the web page.

The web page of the Internet shop is well designed with good name.

For the moment the company’s product balance is LVL 5000. The goods of products are imported from England, USA and Poland and the product’s premium is in arrange from 70-150%.

The company is easily to manage and the fixed costs are very low, which consist of employees’ wages and the Internet shop’s maintenance costs.

The premises rental do not have to pay and the number of employees is low. The company’s owner can arrange their work constantly. The turnover is between of LVL 2000 in Autumn, Winter and Spring to LVL 1000 in Summer.

The business is for sell with out SIA (LTD).

In The company’s price are included the value of warehouse stocks.  

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