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The best time to sell the business is when the things are going on best of all! It is not recommended to wait until the company beguns to sink as it can negatively affect the selling price. However, almost each company can be sold though its is not doing fine, unless the selling is managed by the professional and the evaluation was correct.

The cost of the company depends on several factors, for example, cash flow and its legality, asset value, finance history, condition of equipment and premises, competition, place of location and economics. By analizing and comparing Your company to others BIZON specialists are recommending the most appropriate price strategy. Form greater companies we suggest to perform complete evaluation since buyers will better pay for the company that has its price reasoned on documents. Several investment funds consider only on evaluated companies.

Selling of the company is very specific business field which differs from selling of movable property or real estate. It is very important to maintain confidentiality in order to save the good reputation of company (loyality of employees, providers and customers), thus retaining good selling price until the moment of conclusion of a deal. BIZON operates with wide data base and information distribution channels thus promoting more faster search of buyers, as well as with experience in presentations of companies and negotiatings thus ensuring the seller to receive appropriate payment when the company is sold.

Before the publication of the announcement of selling the company on the home page of BIZON and preparing of proposal, the owner who wants to sell his business must fill in the blank and provide BIZON with basic information about the company. BIZON specialists are meeting with the owner, checking the information about company and evaluating it visually, accordingly appraising it as a product. BIZON specialists have a right to refuse the business for selling if it does not meet the demands, mismatch with documentation or does not exist at all as well as in the case if the demanded price sharply differs from evaluation of specialists.

It is a complete evaluation of the company in order to adjust the optimal price and the most appropriate selling strategy. Besides, the evaluation will help to find the reasons which can hinder the selling of the business, and to eliminate them. It is much more easy to sell prepared company for a maximal price.

In common with other products the price of the company is the price that a buyer is ready to pay for it in the open market. Usually the value of the companies is settled in accordance to the price that is ready to be paid for them. If the company is gaining profit, then the price is in the accordance to how much You are ready and can pay depenending on profit. There is a wide range in Latvia – the profit that company can gain for a period of 3 to 5 years. By setlling the price there are used other methods, too, which are more appropriate for particular business activity field and situation in the market.

There are statistics proving that 80% of newly established companies during the 3 years are suffering failure since there was not selected the appropriate location or appropriate product, they started activity without appropriate capital, or hired unfit employees. These risks can be avoided by buying existing company, which has proved its vital capacity.

Choosing such company it is very important to evaluate the causes of failure. Often it is possible only by the means of changing the management, finance circulation or other changes in the source of failure, the company can become very successful. Besides, the company with negative cash flow usually costs comparatively less than others.

There are several ways to avoid the commitments that were concealed by previous owners. Composing the sales contract it is important to arrange the commitments which the new owners are taking over, prescribing the accountability of the former owner for the commitments that are not mentioned in the contract. It is possible to buy a company as a possession in enterity without taking over its legal form, thus leaving the legal accountability to the former owner. BIZON specialists will offer the most admissible way of implementing the deal and process the appropriate documentation for successful business take over.

Yes, if the deal is implemented with the help of BIZON. Credit can be received both against guarantee of your own real estate and against the assets of chosen company, unless they already have a lien, when a buyer invests at least 40% of money form the value of the deal. The amount of possible credit depends on condition of chosen company and the value of its assets. aktīvu vērtības.