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There are 15 years already passed since the independent statehood is established. By this time the environment of business activities in Latvia has substantially changed, from the privatization of the state property, establishing new companies and to foreign capital investments and companies. By these years the small and middle sized business activities were developed the most. Now the owners of the companies have passed through the stage when business was a chance to earn good salary to the stage when the business is a good object for capital investments at first. Thereby the company became a product with its own price in the market and attraction for another investor.

My experience in business began in 1993 when I established trade mark that is popular in furniture business, leader of the market – the company KATE. In KATE group there were 7 separate entities belonging to various fields. At that time for several times I was operating with buying, selling, taking over, consolidating and dividing companies. Operating with these deals I faced with a problem of lack of the partner – professional, who could help me in operations of buying and selling, who would have an operative data base about companies or investors, who would have proficiency and experience, who would be trustworthy and predictable.

BIZON has associated professionals – knowledgeable and experienced lawyers and economists who are well informed in legal, finance and market aspects of buying and selling the business and business activity. BIZON guarantees observance of confidentiality and business ethics. BIZON invites all present and future business persons who need an advice in the begining, development or successful determination of business, to join to our customers!

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