If you are considering on the idea of becoming an owner of some business, if you want to know something more about such opportunity or you already know what you want, please, contact with us:


  • filling the application form;
  • sending a message by e-mail to: bizon@bizon.lv
  • by phone: +371-67612565;
  • personally at the BIZON office: Marijas str.20-9, Riga, Latvia, LV-1011



Each successful collaboration is built on honesty, receptiveness and personal interest. In order to validate and enforce this collaboration, parties conclude an appropriate agreement:

  • what services the potentional buyer wants to receive and BIZON undertakes to ensure (both paid services and free of charge services);
  • declaration of confidentiality (a document that ensures the withholding of commercial information concerning third parties respecting the companies that You are interested in, obtained from BIZON).

3.Basic Information

You are providing us with information concerning yourself, concerning your previous experience in business as well as your wishes, preferable field, locality, company conditions, prospects, etc.

4.Selection of the Business

We are discussing and checking different kinds of business together and choosing the one which You consider as the most attractable.


By Your chosen and indicated parameters we are examining both the public data base (avaliable on www.bizon.lv) and our in hand data base, which is more extensive, and then we are choosing the most appropriate companies. If there are no appropriate company in the data base, we are negotiating on searching the appropriate company on the open market, using one or more types of searching:

  • submitting appropriate announcement on the homepage www.bizon.lv;
  • implementing outreached guided marketing (announcements in the business editions, columns, etc.);
  • submitting the proposals to appropriate companies in the open market.


We are introducing You with the companies You are interested in and discussing the main factors concerning each of them.


If You are interested in appropriate business, in order to guarantee the seriousness of Your intentions, there has to be concluded an agreement of the earnest money – 10% of amount of the deal.


You get the complete information about company: the name, results of the economic activity for the last years. You have the opportunity to visit the company confidentially and to evaluate it visually. We are arranging Your meeting with the seller as You can ask him the questions You have concerning the activity of the company.


The one of the most complicated stages is gaining consensus concerning bilaterally acceptable terms of the deal. The common denominator can be reached through by correcting not only the price, but also other conditions that affect the future process of transferring the business.

10.The Deal

Various legal forms of possessioning the company are reviewed by the help of advisers until the most appropriate one is chosen. Then the advance agreement is concluded between the parties and also the giving of the credit.


The buyer together with seller makes themselves ascertain that all agreed positions of the deal coincide with reality.

12.Transfer of the Ownership

Parties are meeting for signing up the final documents of the process of buying. All documents are registered in appropriate state institutions. The seller gets the payment that is provided in agreement. Within the period of time that is provided in the advance agreement the seller introduces buyer with the daily routine of the company.

Here is some conception about the service prices:

Consultations concerning the choosing of the business and selection. Selection of the companies in the BIZON data base. Additional information about selected companies and our consultation concerning these issues. Extended announcement about buying on homepage www.bizon.lv. After there is paid an earnest money for the company from BIZON data base: organization of the meeting, managing of the negotiations on the buyers side, processing of all agreements concerning the deal, organization of the deal and registration in the Commercial Register.


If there is no appropriate company in the BIZON data base, then basing on customers requirements we implement targeted search for potentional companies, submit the announcement on homepage www.bizon.lv, determinate the price of business in advance and negotiatiate in the name of the buyer, processing the documents and registrating them.

5%-10% of the price of the business.

Complete evaluation of the company:

  • Auditing financial and economic activity;
  • Audit of assets in order to marshal the accounts as well as to establish the liquidation and market value of the property;
  • Market analysis;
  • Evaluation of the business by 3 methods and establishing of the value;
  • Presentation of the report concerning the market value of the company.

The price depends on the size and field of the evaluated company.